Leasing & Financing

Get Quote in Minutes

Our professional team can get you quotes in minutes, so you don't have to running around asking

Lease or Finance? We can do both

you don't have to call banks or other lenders yourself. Our Professional team will do it for you to save your valuable time 

Tailored payments, Just for you

Existing relationships with over a dozen lenders allow us to approve A-F credit, any term you want 

We Accept All Payment Methods

All payments anywhere anytime. 

Get Your Car!

Pick up your car and enjoy!

We lend up to 90% of the agreed value.
Rates start at 3.99% per year* while still offering you maximum loan-to-value on your vehicle
Rates may be subject to change.

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Leasing & Financing

TEDA Auto helped me refinance my Lamborghini Aventador. Versy impressive.

Ryan Wilson

TEDA's leasing service is fast and painless. strongly recommanded


TEDA got me approved for their AMG GTS when other dealers rejected me.  Thanks a lot for the help and the service 

Louis Zeng